Keep Your Home Cooler With These Hacks

July 12, 2019
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In the summer, especially when it’s pushing 90 degrees outside, it’s hard not to turn your AC down to where you can actually feel ice cold in your home. But running the temperature too low could cause damage to your AC system in the long run. It is advised by our team at FAST of Florida to keep the AC at a steady temperature year-round. However, we know that you want to be cooler to be comfortable in your own home. Therefore, we compiled a list of ways that you can keep your castle cool while keeping your system working like new!

PS… These tips may also help you save a buck or two.

Tip #1 Black it Out!

Invest in black out curtains. These home décor staples will not only help you get a good night’s rest due to the cover up of sunlight, but they also assist with keeping your rooms cool. Also, black out curtains come in all styles. So, you will never have to sacrifice your room décor for the sake of keeping cool.

Tip #2 Opt for Cotton

We know you love your silk bed sheets and your satin pillow cases. But these fabrics may make you feel warmer and that’s not what we’re after in the middle of summer. With that being said, if you’re trying to stay cool we suggest that you go for the cotton fabric bed sets. Cotton is a breathable fabric that naturally keeps cool, so you will feel better in the heat and might even sleep better too.

Tip #3 Set Your Ceiling Fan to “Cool Mode”

Wondering, “What’s Cool mode?”. Well we just made that up. But you can make sure your fan is set to rotate counter-clockwise which creates a cooler airflow. Just remember to switch it back again in the heating season.

Tip #4 Keep Your System Tuned Up

The ultimate way to make sure your home is kept cool is to make sure your AC is in top shape! An AC Tune-up not only helps your cooling system get through summer, it often helps prevent a disaster by finding failing parts before they bring down your whole system. Give us a call at (727) 545-8731 to take advantage of our new A/C Summer Promotions and save more when you get your AC serviced.

Tip #5 Cool Your Body

Sometimes you have to start with the main source of why you feel uncomfortable in the heat. That is your body! To keep your body cool, try drinking iced drinks or dipping your feet in a bucket of cool water. Bonus Fact: Keeping your feet cold will help your whole body feel a lot cooler. So, if you like wearing warm fuzzy socks around your house, that’s probably a culprit of why you’re dripping in sweat!


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