Hurricane Season is Here and We Are Here to Help!

August 29, 2019

Hurricane Season is here, and there is nothing worse than not being prepared during a time like this. Make sure that you have all of your supplies fully stocked. This may include your water and food supply, a first aid kit and making sure you have flashlights and batteries in hand. Also, be sure to have your A/C prepped and the electric power you need to keep your family safe and comfortable. Don’t wait until it’s too late to take action. Call us today to schedule a FREE Hurricane Home Preparation and Assessment at your home. This is a no obligation offer because we want to make sure everyone in our community is ready and safe before the storm hits.

This FREE Hurricane Home Preparation Assessment Includes:
– Professional assessment of your A/C, windows, doors, garage doors, and roof
– $25 off an A/C repair call

Call now at (727) 545-8731 and we’ll give you $25 off A/C repair!


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