Mini-Split A/C Systems


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Mini-Split A/C Units

Mini-Split A/C Systems

Choosing the Right Mini-split Air Conditioning Unit

Mini-split or split air conditioning systems are a popular alternative to traditional air conditioning methods. With the ability to provide a comfortable living space from room-to-room depending on the home, ductless HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems are often found in garages, home offices, older homes, hotel rooms, and condos. Even if your home is already configured with a central air system, a mini-split system is able to help boost the temperature control and efficiency of a room in your home.

In the state of Florida, having a reliable air conditioning system is vital. Because of that, FAST of Florida has been offering up multi-split air conditioning systems for over 40 years. With plenty of models to choose from, we work with you to find the right fit for your home. A free quote and complimentary consultation are just a phone call away. Give us a call today at (727) 545-8731 for a more comfortable tomorrow.

Central Air System vs. Mini-Split System

In order for your house to truly feel like a home, comfort is a must. While it can be difficult for a traditional central air system to create the same level of comfort in every part of the house, different parts of the home simply require a different temperature in order to feel maximum comfort. One of the ways to make sure every room in your home is at the perfect comfort level is with a ductless heating and cooling system.

Say goodbye to the days of walking into your basement and getting shivers but still feeling slightly warm all the way upstairs. Our whisper-quiet mini-split systems provide a much more consistent comfort level, cleaner air and can even reduce your monthly energy costs up to 50 percent.

Easy Installation

Installing a ductless system is much quicker and cheaper compared to a traditional product. Comprised of just two main components, there is no need for costly ductwork to be installed. Our certified technicians are able to install a cost-effective heating and cooling system in a quick and efficient manner. There is also no need to worry about cleaning up following an installation. Our technicians leave your home in the same condition as when they arrive.

Our indoor units are usually mounted in a centrally-located room within your home. Mini-split systems are easily connected to an outdoor unit. Aside from lowering energy bills, there are many benefits of going ductless for your home’s heating and cooling. A mini-split system from FAST of Florida can eliminate the need for ugly window air units and loud, inefficient central air systems.

Perfect For Any Room

A ductless split system offers much more flexibility. Since some rooms are used less often than others, there really isn’t as high of a need to worry about that room’s temperature. A mini-split system from us gives you the freedom to create a cost-effective approach to your energy bills manually. On the same note, those who find themselves often traveling for work or pleasure can save money or their energy bills while they aren’t home.

New Home Additions

Those who are interested in putting a new extension onto their home for converting the cellar into a functioning basement don’t need to worry about heating and cooling for that part of the house. There is no better option for a new room than a ductless system. From converted attics to garages and basements, a mini-split system is an ideal choice for those who are limited either by finances or physical space limitations.

Building A New Home From Scratch

A brand new home can be built to take full advantage of a ductless heating and cooling system. Regardless of the size, style, and location of the house, any mini-split system can be installed and designed to create maximum comfort in every home. Building a brand new house gives you the freedom to take full advantage of their energy efficiency of a ductless system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know It’s Working If I Can’t Hear It

Homeowners are blown away by how quiet the ductless heating and cooling systems we install are. Since there is no large equipment and duct system that is used for a traditional central air system, our ductless systems helps make for a whisper-quiet performance. Some systems even come with a built-in “quiet mode” for an even quieter experience for those looking to concentrate or relax.

So How Much Money Will I Save?

Since every home is different, there is no way to put a specific dollar amount on the savings you will receive. But regardless of how cold you enjoy your home, all homeowners will expect to see a decrease in their monthly energy bills.

The highly-efficient comfort of a ductless heating and cooling system offers is visible almost immediately. From feeling cool indoors and a lower energy bill, there is no better time to switch to a new heating and cooling system. Programmed with an “intelligent eye” feature, your new ductless system will switch to an every-saving after 20 minutes of no movement. Helping you save money by doing nothing.

Here’s How To Get Started

Regardless of if you are looking to replace or install a new ductless mini-split system, FAST of Florida can help get you started today. Our services are quick, easy, and affordable. For over 40 years, we have kept Florida homeowners cool in their homes all year. Our no mess, no hassle 100% satisfaction guaranteed approach has helped us stand out from the competition.

Give us a call today (727) 328-3363 to discuss new ductless split systems that can fit your home. Take full advantage of our free estimate and complimentary HVAC consultation.

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