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FAST of Florida Provides Expert A/C Maintenance

FAST of Florida has provided reliable HVAC maintenance services to homeowners throughout the state for more than four decades. Our team of professionally-trained contractors has the expertise to ensure your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency, keeping you cool throughout the sweltering Florida summers and warm during the brisk winter months. Routine HVAC maintenance and air-conditioner tune-ups are crucial to prolonging the lifespan of your system, improving your home’s air quality, and ensuring your comfort even in extreme weather, among other benefits. We approach every job with the intention of living up to our motto of “Growing by Giving Great Service.” Contact us today to learn more about AC maintenance and why your neighbors throughout the Sunshine State have trusted us since 1972.

The Importance of Regular AC Maintenance and Tune-ups

Regular HVAC maintenance is essential to maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of your air conditioner. The comprehensive AC maintenance services that FAST of Florida offers may help you save money and improve the health of your family. Like everything else, HVAC systems require upkeep. The blistering Florida summers can put a strain on air conditioners, forcing them to work even harder to keep your home cool. As your system operates, it can absorb dirt from the outside air, which then accumulates on the condenser coils. When this happens, it negatively impacts your system’s efficiency, which could result in higher electric bills and reduced comfort. If left unmaintained for too long, your system could stop producing cold air despite continuing to run or break down altogether. Among the benefits that result from routine HVAC maintenance are:

  • Cost savings – Regular AC maintenance can save you money in a variety of ways. By servicing your system on a routine basis, FAST of Florida may be able to catch any issues before they cause significant problems or breakdowns. Additionally, a properly-functioning HVAC system will use less energy – thus keeping your electric bills low – and have a longer lifespan than one that does not receive HVAC maintenance.
  • Improved air quality – FAST of Florida can perform routine AC maintenance to improve the air quality in your home or building. By making sure your system is clean and free from leaks or poor ventilation, our technicians can reduce airborne pollutants and allergens.
  • Enhanced comfort – If an AC system is dirty or has a broken part, it may not be able to cool your home to your desired temperature. Regular maintenance to clean your system or ductwork and check all components for repair needs can help facilitate a comfortable living environment.
  • Increased safety – Our team of technicians will perform HVAC maintenance to protect your family from damage caused by broken AC system parts and carbon monoxide leaks.

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Services

Heating and ac service plansFAST of Florida offers extensive air conditioner service plans that include a host of maintenance services for your home or building. Our service plans include AC inspections by licensed and insured technicians who will examine all of your system’s belts, sensors, and other equipment prone to wear and tear. If we recognize any reason for concern, our knowledgeable team can recommend repairs that will extend the lifespan of your air conditioner.

Aside from inspecting for problems, we will check all electric terminals. In the process, our team will clean and tighten your connections as well as apply a non-conductive coating if necessary. Other tasks we perform during HVAC maintenance include:

  • Ensuring proper airflow through the evaporator coil
  • Checking to make sure there is no seal duct leakage in your AC’s central systems
  • Verifying the electric control sequence is correct
  • Confirming the heating and cooling components of your HVAC system cannot operate simultaneously
  • Collecting any refrigerant that must be removed from the system

FAST of Florida’s Air Conditioning Tune-up Services

AC System ServiceEvery air conditioning system should undergo a professional tune-up before the dawn of a new spring or summer. It is crucial to catch any issues before the mercury starts to rise so that you can resolve the problems while the weather is still bearable. Do not enter a summer season without peace of mind that your AC is in pristine shape. FAST of Florida provides tune-up services to help you avoid the nightmare of a hot home in the middle of August and save you the hassle of dealing with major problems or breakdowns. Our professionals are happy to work around your schedule to arrange a time that is convenient for your air conditioner tune-up. During an AC tune-up, our technicians will:

  • Make sure you have the correct amount of refrigerant
  • Check your thermostat’s accuracy
  • Replace any worn belts, equipment, or sensors
  • Provide free estimates for any necessary repairs

Contact FAST of Florida for HVAC Maintenance Today

Do not suffer through days of unbearable heat inside your home simply because you did not seek professional HVAC maintenance services before the flowers started to bloom. FAST of Florida offers AC service plans designed to catch any small issues before they become major, which can help you stay comfortable despite the heat, keep your energy bills low, and ensure your home is safe from airborne pollutants. During a brief AC inspection or tune-up, our professionally-trained technicians will make sure your system is operating at peak efficiency, granting you peace of mind throughout the summer months that your home will remain cool. Contact us today to schedule HVAC maintenance at your Florida residence.

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